You will never want to forget how little they were at the time of their birth...

Birth Stories

Birth is such a unique time in your life…

It’s the welcoming of a new life into this world, into YOUR world. You can compare it to a wedding!  It's something unknown, a new milestone, a new path, a new type of joy…

So why even hire a birth photographer you ask? 

As birthing mom’s we are so involved in the work we are doing that sometimes we forget all the details. How much support we had, how we looked (even if we were not looking our best), what was going behind the scenes, the details in the home/hospital, your reaction to when you saw your baby for the first time, your partners unconditional love towards you for being SO STRONG, fearless!

Having a photographer during this important moment is all about those moments.

Birth photography allows you to keep this specific moment tangible and alive for years to come! 

But, I don't want a lot of people in the room, you say?

I understand you completely, this is why I always say you can consider me a fly on the wall. I am respectful of your space during your labor and birth and will stay out of the way of providers for them to do their work. I have worked with a variety of High Profile clients, including Sport Players, Fashion Bloggers, Influencers, among others. I value confidentiality and will always maintain my clients privacy as my priority.

Allow me the opportunity to capture this AMAZING and SPECIAL moment in your life. The welcoming of your little one! Believe me, IT IS WORTH IT!

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**Payment Plans available for Birth Stories**

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Birth Story Collections

ALL inclusive packages Starting at $1650


All Collections include: 

  • In person Pre-Consultation to discuss contract and birth plan

  • 2 weeks on-call prior to due date until baby arrives with continuous communication during the weeks to be aware of changes in plans

  • Coverage of your birth which starts when you reach active labor/transition (6 cms or contractions every 3-4 minutes lasting at least a minute long) and ends 1-2 hours after the baby is born

  • Birth location (home, hospital or birth center) within 20 miles from the Waltham MA are included in the fee (additional miles would incur in an additional fee)

  • Professional editing of images included in package

  • Print Release for images included in package

  • Slideshow of favorite images (to view example of slideshows click here)

  • Additional Products and Images available for purchase


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