Ever since I gave birth to my oldest son I have been very passionate about births, breastfeeding, motherhood and childhood. This is one of the reasons I have decided to focus my photography in these type of session. Birth Stories

At times we are not aware of how important it is to document a birth of your child. During birth there is so much adrenaline that most of the details are forgotten along the months and years. Photography helps to keep those moments still and tangible.


Those first months and years of a child's life are so important. The pregnancy process is also so important. Pictures definitely portray how much love we dedicate to our children. Maternity sessions focus on the mom's but also include other children and the parents and how a family is being formed by this new addition.

Breastfeeding is also part of Motherhood and having a session of breastfeeding also helps to keep the memories of that special time and bonding alive. It also is a way of normalizing breastfeeding in our society.


I love to document a child's life and how they grow each year. I think that having those first years in pictures definitely help you not forget about the small details of the children. Documenting when they were newborns, either on a fresh 48 or a newborn session, a 6 month old session and/or a 1 year old session, those definitely are a way of keeping those memories alive.

If you are interested in any of these session please go to my Investment page and there is more information included. Feel free to contact us here with any other questions.


Shirley Anne