You know, I can't stop talking about all things births and breastfeeding, it is just in me. I had the amazing pleasure of doing the Headshot's of one of the agency's in Massachusetts /Greater Boston that not only has doulas and breastfeeding counselors in staff, but they train people interested in becoming doulas as well. How exciting!

When Tara (Founder of Birthing Gently) informed me she was looking for a Photographer for Headshot's of their staff and asked me if I was interested, I cried of joy (yup, I did). It was probably 12 midnight, my kids were sleeping, my husband was sleeping, and I was next to the bed with my phone in my hands and my heart pouring tears of joy, excitement, it was like a dream.

Tara, Myrna and I had a conference call and we discussed the Headshot session, including location, time, outfits, etc. It was a very successful conference call we put a great plan in place which led to a successful session.

Here is a Sneak Peek of the amazing ladies that I had the pleasure of meeting, chatting and take pictures of, this past Saturday.

I will be having the opportunity to join them in the Doula Workshop and Breastfeeding Class. I just can't hold the excitement, it's a dream (5 year long dream) come true.