While I wait for my first birth momma to go into labor, I decided I would give a Sneak Peek of the beautiful baby and parents I had the privilege of shooting last weekend. Cynthia reached out to be for a photography session of her newborn and I was delighted to do this for her. We agreed to do the session in the comfort of her home as the weather was a bit chilly for a little squish.

I arrived to their home and sweet baby boy was comfy, cozy and asleep in his swing. We decided to start the session in the living room and work around the home depending on baby's needs. Baby woke up as soon as his blanket was taken away to start the session and was beautifully alert during the whole session.

Baby boy was 7 weeks and was looking at everything around him, especially my CAMERA. It was impressive to see a newborn looking straight at the camera 75% of the time.

The family also had a Schnauzer mix breed that wasn't very happy about my arrival, but she got to agree with me a bit after a while. I was even able to capture an image with her included. We couldn't leave her out.

Thanks to Cynthia and Matt for allowing me to their home! It was a pleasure.

Hope you enjoy!

Shirley Anne

*If you are interested in a session feel free to message me here.*