Today I decided to take it off my full-time job and focus on my side-job/passion. Got a lot done! YAY! Thank God for holidays and days off. As we all know the Holiday Season has arrived and with it a chilly weather here in New England and to top it all off some beautiful families.

This family reached out to me for a fall/holiday look photography session. I quickly scouted some locations and fell in love with an area near the Bellevue Pond in Medford and the Middlesex Fells Reservation in Winchester.

I immediately sent her the address of the location, but for some reason my GPS sent the wrong location and we had a hiccup early morning of that Saturday, but nothing stopped us from getting some beautiful images of this sweet family.

The family were dressed beautifully and coordinated so well I was just swooned. The girls were gorgeous and the oldest one was always smiling and giggling, which was OH SO SWEET! The youngest one would follow her sister and copy her actions, she was so much fun.

I think the best part of the photography session was when the girls got to have fun with the fall leaves. They enjoyed it so much. Such an emotion to document these special moments and beautiful smiles of a family.

This fall day in "Boston" turned out to be better than imagined, the weather got warmer later in the day and it was perfect.

Hope you enjoy!