As I get ready to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome the amazing things that 2017 will bring, I couldn't finish the year before I wrote about my last session. Now, to make things more interesting, one of the bests things about a Pregnancy and Labor is that you have little to no control over how and when things will happen right? It's part of the fun!

Joy and I were in communication for a few weeks and we had scheduled a possible Newborn session in their Boston home for the middle of January 2017. To mommy's and daddy's surprise baby boy decided to arrive a few weeks before his due date, confirming that we indeed have no control over a birth (hehe).

Joy reached out to me and gave me the wonderful news of their new addition. We then decided to schedule the session before I left the state to visit my beautiful island Puerto Rico.

I arrived to their home and her husband welcomed me, right after a little 3 year old beauty welcomed me to their home as well. "What's your name" she asked, I told her, and surprisingly she never forgot it during the almost 3 hour photography session.

She made this session SO FUN, she was very funny, verbal and new how she wanted things. Such a character, I loved it so much. We even had our little conversation in Spanish, how AWESOME is that?

Baby boy was also as handsome as can be, with a full head of hair (OMG and so so dark - LOVE) and his skin looking pinkish, just fresh out of the oven! I was swoon. At just 5 days old he slept like a champ and even gave us a few smirks!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful family's session and check out his hair! Oh my! SWOON!

Joy and Aaron, you are blessed!