"Sometimes being a brother is better than being a SUPERHEROE!" Sibling sessions, especially boys, are dear to my heart as I have two boys of my own!

I've known Ivelisse and Rocky since I was a teenager as we were part of a Christian Organization that made amazing events for the youth in Puerto Rico. I also know Ivelisse as she has an amazing voice and she used to sing at these events.

Surprisingly Ivelisse's oldest son is of a similar age as my oldest, as well as her youngest is of a similar age to my youngest. So funny how things happen. Another cute thing was that her oldest used to look very similar to mine when they were toddlers. It was exciting to see them meet each other for the first time during this visit to PR.

When Ivelisse, Rocky and the boys arrived to the location we talked for a few minutes as I had not seen Ivelisse or Rocky for a few (probably like 10) years. The youngest one was so interested in everything around him and was walking everywhere to learn about his surroundings. I was happy to capture those moments!

These two boys clearly love each other. I hope they grow to be best friends and enjoy each other as much as they can.

Hope you enjoy!