I LOVE working with families, not only when the children are young but also when you have older children... actually they make my life easier hehe, no need for me to be running behind the toddler hehe, although I do love toddlers. 

I had the pleasure of documenting this family at the MIT Sailing Pavilion in Cambridge. I had never shot here but they were interested in taking some fun and colorful shots with the sailboats and I was game. 

We had rescheduled the session from a few months before due to rain, and out of nowhere there was a notice that another storm was heading our way. We arrived to the location and started working very quickly. During the shoot you could see the clouds coming in, but this made the images look even better! 

This family is beautiful and them all being all girls made it even more fun! You could see that they all had a really good relationship (which surprised me since I know we girls tend to be drama queens lol) and there was so much love between them!

Enjoy this beautiful family!