I think my heart is definitely in Maternity Sessions (although man I do love Birth Photography). I love capturing momma's when they feel the most vulnerable, when they feel they lost their glow, when they feel they will never get their body back, this is the best time to capture! And "they" I mean "we". 

I know during my last pregnancy I felt like a truck had run over me and then backed up and ran over me again. Phew, was it difficult. I was in pain most of the time, I was stressed as I didn't have a job, my asthma had gone crazy and it was just TOO MUCH! My maternity session definitely helped me feel real again, and this is something I ALWAYS want my mommas to feel!

I teamed up with a fellow photographer (who has also becomed a REALLY GOOD FRIEND) to do a Maternity Session for two momma's. Ivy from Ivy Bee Photography and I posted in different groups asking for moms to join us in this SPECIAL session. We made it special because we wanted it to be a implied nude/boudoir session. By this we meant that our moms were covered 100% of the time but we could see their radiance through different types of clothing/accesories. 

Whoa, did these moms rock their sessions and we enjoyed every little time we spent with them and their families. 

Big thanks to Ivy for scouting the best location for this shoot. Can't say enough of how BEAUTIFUL is Crane Beach in Ipswich. 

Check these mommas out!