"Train your brain to see the positive in all situation"

This is my way for looking at life... mind you in the last couple of weeks it's been a little more difficult than usual.

Life has been hitting me with rocks, after rocks. It's been overwhelming, stressful, sad, emotional, you name it. Between being laid off work, getting into an accident, looking at possibilities to move to another state, not knowing what will be of our future holds for me and my family... it's just too much!

I find myself spacing out of my reality and drowning myself in taking pictures and editing. My family and friends have been a huge support. My husband as well. My birth community, which I can call friends, have been a shoulder to cry on and have kept me positive. 

But it is A LOT... 

I have decided that I will take day by day, and live by that... 

I am a true believer that there is a purpose for everything, and I will continue to believe in that. 

If you have been struggling like me in any area of your life, motherhood, work, relationships, anything... please know, there is sunshine at the otherside of the gray, cloudy and gloomy day. We can do this, we are STRONG, RESILIENT and CAPABLE of much more than what we think we can. 

Sending you virtual hugs!


Pictures of my kids, since they might stress me out some days, but they are my reason for pushing through... Picture in banner taken by the hubby... picture below by me! <3

kai and alek 2.jpg