Fresh 48's have a special place in my heart. Those first 48 hours of a baby being born are the first one's we forget, the first one's that are just a vague memory. Our bodies have been through so much during labor, our brains are exhausted, that we can barely recall those first hours. 

I met Kaitlin through an amazing group for Business Woman in Boston. Kaitlin is a health coach over at For Love of Carrots. We had agreed to do a Fresh 48, close to her due date we were in constant communication. I was so excited when she messaged me late on Monday, April 17th saying that Baby H was earthside. 

We planned for me to visit Brigham's and Woman's and do her shoot. I arrived at the hospital and went straight to the Labor and Delivery ward. The staff was very welcoming and I was able to go to Kaitlin's room quickly. 

When I arrived Baby H was in daddy's arms and Kaitlin was resting. It was so exciting to be able to meet her in person. I quickly set up everything and started our little shoot. Baby H wanted to be close to mommy so we kept him there, but we were also able to get a few shots of him alone. Thanks to daddy for his great swaddling of Baby H, he kept sleeping and was cozy. 

Here are a few shots of this cutie. 

Hope you enjoy!