June has been one crazy, yet FUN month!

I started my month with an A-MA-ZING birth at Cambridge Health Alliance (you can read the birth story here) and then continued to some fun events for my full time job. I also had the privilege to be a volunteer photographer at DELIVERED in Somerville MA(an event where mothers tell their stories of birth and beyond).

We also took a weekend off to celebrate my niece's birthday in Indiana, she was a happy camper with all of her family there. Got to see my dad while I visited my sister, which was great as my oldest son and my husband hadn't seen my father in a few years. Last week we also had a loss in our family as our family dog for the last 15 years passed. He passed the day of my nieces birthday, the day before my brothers birthday, also the day before my youngest turned 18 months. This fur baby has been my mom's faithful companion for all these years and it was devastating to know he was leaving us. Sadly I wasn't able to say goodbye and it broke my heart. 

This week we will be going to Puerto Rico for a few days and we will be able to see my mom, mother-in-law, father-in-law and rest of the family and friends. Plus we will also be able to enjoy the beautiful island. My husband left this morning with the boys. For the first time my youngest will be away from me for longer than a work day. I am trying to manage this well. My 18 month old still breastfeeds so it makes it a bit more difficult to spend time away. Not only that, I just love to be with my kiddo's, even if at times I think I'm going crazy.

I think motherhood is complicated at times, you are squished in the middle of overflowing love for your kids while at the same time feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with so much that society asks of you as a mom. 

I guess I'll take these 3 days to rest, clean the house a bit, get caught up on the business and well, stay occupied!

On a more happy note, this weekend we went to the Tacopocalypse at the SOWA Open Market in Bostob. Whoa, it was HOT!, but we enjoyed a good time out of the house. 

Here are a few shots of our last couple of days, our fur baby who passed, among other details <3.  

(Most images were taken with my professional camera, but others were snapshots with my iphone <3)