I had the pleasure to meet with Lisa back in May as she was interested in the birth of her baby being captured. We met at a cute coffee shop in Somerville, she arrived and was looking radiant with her colorful hair, and cuteness of a belly. We briefly talked about birth photography and what I offer within my services. I can't hide my passion for Motherhood and Birth, so she clearly noticed I'm in love with pregnancy and everything it entails. 

I showed her the album I offer as part of my investment, and we agreed that she would reach out again if she planned to book. Monday morning I received the cutest message ever, "Do you want to be my photographer?". My heart jumped with excitement, "OF COURSE!, IT WILL BE SUCH A PLEASURE FOR ME" I wanted to scream, but I couldn't I just messaged her back lol. 

Her due date was June 7th. I received one of those text messages that gets you on your toes Sunday morning at exactly 9:30am, "my water broke". It's go time I said, lol, yet she mentioned contractions had not started. I asked her to keep me on the loop as things progressed, and she was amazing at doing so. Morning morning her husband texted me letting me know that contractions had started but they were not as strong as they were expecting. 

Both Lisa and her husband agreed that the Doula would keep me updated as to when it was time for me to head to the Hospital. I received "the message", it was go time. I arrived at the hospital at 1:40pm, Lisa was still looking radiant, empowered, in control of her body and managing her situation so well, I WAS IMPRESSED. 

Her Doula, Lindsay from Birthing Matters Doula, was there and was giving some support to momma while daddy was having some lunch. Lindsay recommended mom to get in the shower and get some relief with hot water, Lisa agreed. Dad went in the bathroom with Lisa and was a huge support for her. The expressions of love between them are breathtaking. At one point Lisa called in the Doula and she mentioned that her contractions had changed, that she felt an urge to push. 

Lisa was so in tune with her body, she clearly understood how her body worked and knew how to read the changes in her body. The doula called in the Midwife and Lisa was checked, to everyone's surprise Momma was already at 9.5cm and she was being a ROCKSTAR at riding through each contraction. 

Lisa changed to a few different areas in the hospital room, until she decided to go to the hospital bed and labor/birth in all fours with the birthing ball in her chest. She was so strong through every contraction, through every push. Dad was such a support, not only providing physical support but so much emotional support as well. 

At 3:38pm Baby J, decided to arrive into this world. Momma was able to do immediate skin-to-skin, while still on her knees. Dad was right next to momma, as well as their Doula. A few minutes later momma and daddy learned that Baby J was a beautiful princess! Such a beautiful moment. 

Welcome to this earth baby J, you will clearly be showered with so much love not only by Momma and Daddy, but also by your family!

Here are just a few images of this amazing birth story and this beautiful family!

Hope you enjoy!