I have been a huge breastfeeding supporter since my oldest one was a baby. Long story short, I had a very difficult time to breastfeed my oldest due to lack of education from my son's pediatrician. Fortunately enough, I changed providers on time and the other pediatrician encouraged me to try breastfeeding again. 

Ever since then, I am always promoting breastfeeding. Don't get me wrong, I don't judge women that decide to do otherwise, but if I see one that is doing her best to succeed in breastfeeding, I will celebrate her!

I think breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world and our breasts were created for this!

I reached out to a group of women to see who was interested in a group shoot to celebrate their breastfeeding journeys. To my surprise I had quite a few moms interested, which made my heart happy. So to celebrate the month of Breastfeeding Awareness, here are a few shots of this wonderful group of moms and some of the cutest babies/toddlers ever!

If you ever see a mom breastfeeding, congratulate her, it is a an overwhelming journey at times but one quite worth it!

Congratulations to these and all momma's who at times sacrifice their bodies to provide their babies with some momma milk!