I received a message from her husband in the afternoon saying, contractions are starting and we might be heading in. I asked about timing contractions, they were every 10 minutes or so, so I thought I had enough time to take the kiddo’s to an event that afternoon.

Me and my boys headed to Medford, we were getting out of the car when I get a message: “Contractions are every 3-4 minutes”. Can I say my heart stopped for a second? hehe. I told my boys (especially the oldest one), the inevitable “we need to leave”, he started crying, I told him we would go somewhere the following day. Being a birth worker is no easy job, for both me and my family. A few minutes later, although he was mad, he was calm.

I dropped them off at my sister in laws and headed out to the Beth Israel Hospital. When I arrived mom was in the bed and was managing contractions as the epidural had not kicked in. A few minutes later she was calm. She did her makeup, posted some images on social media, made her family aware and asked tons of questions to the staff (so important). The staff told her to rest to have energy during the pushing stage.

She decided she was going to rest and the nurse arrived with the OB to check her status. To mom’s surprise, it was time to push, and yup! there was no time to rest. This momma was strong and focused on what she needed to do. The most cool part was her reactions to the information the nurses provided her. At one point the nurse said: “maybe about 5 more minutes” and mom was in shock. Baby arrived quickly and to hear mom say something along the lines of, omg she is here, omg she is so tiny… was just perfection.

Hope you all enjoy these beautiful images.