I remember the day I received an inquiry from this beautiful mom. She was interested in documenting her pregnancy with a Milk Bath! I was so excited! Milk Bath's are so beautiful and are perfect to portray the beauty of pregnancy. She was also interested in doing a few shots of her family including her oldest boy and her husband.

The day of the session arrived! We had planned all the details of the session, including outfits and flowers to be used. I arrived at their beautiful home on a chilly morning and her husband welcomed me into their home. They were all dressed in beautiful colors, ideal for the season. 

We captured a few shots outdoors since it was chilly but not SUPER cold as it is usually in Massachusetts. We then did a few shots in their living room of the whole family, including their fur baby (I always like to include the fur babies). 

Her husband and handsome little boy then continued to do their own thing while Momma and me did a few boudoir shots and the Milk Bath Session. This momma was radiant, was showing her beauty and was truly showing that we are gorgeous during pregnancy (even if at times we might feel like a wreck, in pain and tired). 

My goal with Milk Bath Maternity Sessions and Bodouir Maternity Sessions is for mom to feel confident, beautiful, radiant and like a Goddess! 

Please enjoy this beautiful session! Can't wait to show their newborn images <3...

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