I am so priviledged when I get to meet Couples before they welcome their little one. It's always amazing to see them switch roles from being a couple to being a family R and K invited me to document their Maternity Session. 

We carefully planned their session at the Arboretum in Boston in April, their baby girl was due in May. As you all might know, New England Weather is very unpredictable. We had to re-schedule the session because it would be too cold and the day we chose ended up being even colder haha. What can we do. R was amazing during her session and you would never guess it was overcast, breezy and in the 40's during the session. We were all trembling. But like she said, this will be one of the stories they would tell their little one when they were older. 

Dad was amazing during the whole shoot and it was funny because he mentioned from the consultation that he knew it was all about mom and the bump and that he was "a prop". We had fun!

After the Maternity Session we waited patiently for the little one to arrive. They didn't know the gender of the little one but I had a huge guess that it was a baby girl! And yay, I was right!!! Baby girl arrived a little after their due date. We scheduled the Newborn Session after baby girl was home and I got to hear their amazing Birth Story, which I always enjoy! Their awesome doula Emily (which I have a deal for Birth Stories with her) from Baby Bean Maternity Consulting was with them most of the way, and their baby girl arrived just a few minutes after they arrived to the hospital! So exciting!

Beautiful baby girl was amazing during her session, we were able to include their family dog and enjoy a few of the rooms in the house to document their baby girl. 

Hope you all enjoy this newborn session!