Motherhood is such an amazing journey, and I love when families invite me to join them during this journey and document it for them. This beautiful couple originally from Turkey invited me to document their birth and newborn. 

We met at a Starbucks where we chatted about birth, their expectations and how I would be able to provide my services to them. They were very interested in birth photography and this made my heart happy. We chatted about how things were done in Turkey and how they are done in Massachusetts. Birth Photography is pretty common in Turkey and I mentioned to them that it was something "new" for New England. 

A few weeks before their due date, mom reached out to be that they wanted some Maternity shots. We set a date and the day of the shoot we got a snow storm haha, so we re-scheduled for a few days later. The day of the session there was still snow and the day was a bit warmer (probably around the 40 degrees). We were able to get some shots in the home as well as outdoors as mom really wanted some shots in the snow. 

A few weeks later we met again as they were welcoming their baby girl! My heart was full of joy for them! I was able to join them in the afternoon and captured some images of mom laboring. After a few hours, we agreed that I would return to their birth when mom was closer to giving birth. 

At around 2am I received a new call from Dad saying that it was time! I rushed out and arrived on time to almost find this beautiful and powerful new mom pushing. So much strength, support, and tears flooded this room! The emotions that took over dad were breathtaking as he saw his baby girl arrive to this world! 

Hope you enjoy this beautiful story...

 (their newborn session can be found below!)

A few days after the birth of baby Z, I joined them in their home and captured them as a family. I captured baby girl’s details. The love between these parents was beautiful to watch, but evermore the love for their baby girl was heart warming!