I had the privilege to join this gorgeous couple on the birth of their baby boy Harley. Here is the story of his birth through my eyes!

Let’s start with the day we first spoke on the phone. We had talked about doing a Maternity Session and mom asked about the birth stories. She told me she was hoping to have a natural birth and we talked about her expectations and how I provide my services. I was excited about the possibility of joining them.

We then met at the Boston Public Garden, it was a COLD DAY! Or, maybe I’m always cold haha. She looked radiant. She got her hair and makeup done (which I always recommend to my Maternity clients), and it just made her natural beauty pop. We talked about their birth plans and that we would get to meet the little one about 2 months after. It was a beautiful Session!

I go on call for my birth clients two weeks before the due date. Christmas time came and I was officially on call (one of the sacrifices of being a birth worker), but this cutie pie thought the best idea was to wait until his exact due date to make his debut. Mom texted me that she was having contractions and that they planned to go to the hospital.

She calls me later and tells me her water broke and she was definitely heading in to the hospital, so I asked her to keep me updated. Her contractions where coming in pretty strong and she was working so hard through them. I decided to head in to start capturing their story. When I arrived she was still in triage, BMC was amazing and allowed me to go with them into triage-tiny little room but so worth it.

Mom used a birth ball to help with contractions, swayed her body and dad was such an amazing support (see images below).

After over 18 hours of laboring this sweet and STRONG momma asked to get her epidural lowered so she could feel better. She roared her baby into this world on the due date of sweet baby Harley. The emotions in the room where strong! This handsome boy was welcomed into the arms of his momma and dad. It was lovely to watch their story unravel and one of the best parts was to witness the love between them, and her courageousness to do what she needed to do to bring her baby to her arms!

Hope you all enjoy the video below!

Thanks for reading…