Are you expecting a little one? It is such an important time… it is a moment that is unique and special!

I’m sure you’ve been wondering if your going to hire a photographer for your newborn. As I was growing up, we used to get pictures when little ones were closer to 3 and 6 months. How times change huh?

One type of session I do enjoy are those that are done within the first 48 hours of baby being born. I would say they are the best of both world between Birth Photography and Newborn Photography.

You get to capture all their little details, while they are still really little and wrinkly. You’ll be surprise how much they change each day. I love these sessions because they are more about the details and the connection of the parents with baby. I also love to include the visitors in the images.

This type of session is still pretty new, but most hospitals are very agreeable with allowing photographers to do them. I’ve had the pleasure of doing Fresh 48 sessions at Mount Auburn Hospital, Brighams and Women’s, Beth Israel, Mass General Hospital, Winchester Hospital and Cambridge Health Alliance.

What are your thoughts on Fresh 48 sessions? Yay or Nay?

Let me know…


PS: Here is a sweet baby girl who I had the pleasure to capture! <3