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Birth Photography at it's Best


Birth Photography at it's Best


I have always been passionate about birth and all things related to it. Starting in pregnancy until post-partum, and everything in between. Those who know me personally know I am a HUGE advocate for breastfeeding as well. Even before I decided to venture into the Photography Business and focus in birth, I would be stalking a lot of birth photographers pages, hahaha, yup, won’t deny it, I STALK!

I wanted to mention a few of the women that have inspired me through their images of not only births, but also breastfeeding and motherhood photography in general.

Leilani Rogers


I definitely have to start with Leilani Rogers from Photos by Lei. Leilani is a photographer based out of Texas. I learned about her amazing work through the world of Facebook. I can’t recall what image was that captured my attention, but I do know that right after seeing her images I started following her on both Facebook and Instagram (I’m telling you I stalk lol). One of the areas that captured my attention was the emphasis that she gave to Breastfeeding and that she celebrates World Breastfeeding Week. She uses her photography skills to normalize breastfeeding, which is a topic dear to my heart.

Adamaris Aponte-Cuadrado


I am originally from Puerto Rico and I follow a lot of pages on Facebook from Puerto Rico. I ran through Adamaris from Photocabinet a while ago after she documented some births in Puerto Rico. I am a huge supporter of Home Births, and she has documented home births in Puerto Rico so I immediately felt in love with her work. Some of the images that always remind me of her are the newborn attached to the placenta by the umbilical cord. I also loved her maternity sessions, OH so beautiful! She is so talented!

Emily Frigo


Last, but not least is Emily from Emily Frigo Doula and Birth Photography. I learned about her work in one of the birth photography groups I am in. Quickly I started to love her work, I followed her on Instagram and of course liked her page on Facebook. I loved that she is a photographer as well as a doula, that definitely made be love her work. Then I learned she had a newborn, was homeschooling, and had just opened her studio and I just said SHE IS MY SOULMATE lol.

Please check out the pages of these wonderful women! Give them so love as they do an amazing job as birth photographers.

My inspiration!

Shirley Anne

*If you are interested in booking a birth story in the area of Boston please feel free to reach out to me. I have availability in the months of January and February.