What is birth photography?

In my opinion Birth Photography is a way that you can remember those special moments during labor, birth and the first hours after birth. It is not something that is "gross" or "distastefull". Birth is BEAUTIFUL, powerful, full of emotions and is about LOVE. I have to say, it is not about taking pictures of your private parts, it's about everything else happening around you, around your partner that you might not notice since you are working hard on laboring. 

Why hire a photographer?

First and foremost, the birth of your child is one to remember for ever and ever. Second, you and your partner will be able to focus on your labor and not in who will be taking pictures of this special moment. The photographer will be focused in providing these services. The photographer will be responsible of capturing every detail of the process, the connection you share with your partner during labor and birth, when you meet your baby for the first time, when you look at your partner for the first time, all the little details. Details like the first cry, the baby’s weight and height, footprints, first feed, those will be some of the special moments that should and will be captured.

My partner is not sure about having a birth photographer?

I think there is a misconception of what Birth Photography is about. Your partner should know that one of the main purposes of a birth photographer is to allow them to be a support for mom the whole labor/birth and focus on YOU, themselves and baby. In addition to that most fathers that I've talked to mention that their main worry is privacy and/or a crowded room. I am considered a "fly on the wall", meaning that I stay as far as I am able and capture everything as silently as I am able. Some would call it a "birds sight". I always recommend my moms to schedule the pre-consultation meeting along with their partner so they can ask any questions they may have.

In the case that your partner is still not comfortable, I do offer “Fresh 48” Sessions that happens within 48 hours of baby being born.

I like my privacy, so I am a bit concerned on having a birth photographer and the images being online.

Privacy is VERY important to me. Being a Social Worker has made me aware that everything can't be posted online. I discuss with my Birth clients the images they feel comfortable on sharing online. Some people want EVERYTHING of their birth to be photographed, some only want specific details. Regardless of your preference, please know that you have the final word on how much or how little I will photograph and/or share.

How far in advance should I book you?

Plan on meeting with me and paying your $300 deposit by the start of your second trimester, if possible. But, the best would be to book as soon as you know you are expecting, that way you can secure the month of your due date.  The remainder of your balance will be due by 38 weeks. Regardless, if you decide to hire a birth photographer later in your pregnacy, reach out to me and I might be able to accommodate you or recommend you to a fellow photographer.

How far are you willing to travel?

Due to the unpredictability of a birth, the "awesome" (NOT) traffic in the Boston area and to minimize the risks of missing your birth I prefer to travel no more than 40 miles. Regardless I can accommodate extra mileage (up to 60 miles), please reach out to me to discuss this further. 

Will you be interacting with the staff/client/partner?

I will stay most of the time quiet and respecting your privacy. This is no way means that I will not interact with you, your partner or anyone in the room. I am all about talking about births and will gladly carry a conversation (if anyone is interested in doing so).  I am so pleased that you have allowed me to be part of this amazing moment in your life, so I will be as un-involved or involved as you prefer.

Do you use a flash?

I will prefer to not use a flash, and will only use a flash if the lighting in the room is not ideal and it's impacting the quality of the images (with your permission). The flash will be used in a discrete way and in no way should disturb you. If you prefer that I do not use flash, I will need at least a lamp to provide some light. Although, I do have a camera that works well in low lighting conditions, most images will have a grainier feel in the event that I do not use a flash in a low light atmosphere.

How long will you stay at the birth?

I will stay as long as the birth is in progress, but may reach out to my back up photographer in case the birth is longer than 12 hours. I will stay 1-2 hours after the baby is born in order to capture those special first moments of life. 

Do I need to get approval from the Hospital staff or Midwife to photograph my birth?

Yes! In order to be safe, please discuss your plans ahead of time with your ob-gyn and/or midwife. Also, verify the hospital’s policies in regards to photography. If you are having your birth at home, then is up to you and your birth team.

When should I call you?

As soon as you “think” you are in labor. This provides me with time to plan for care of my children and any other details I would have to resolve. I need to know when labor starts and would love to be updated during the progress of early labor.

If you are receiving vaginal checks, I would like to be called in when you reach about 5cm or 6cm, or when transition or active labor begins. If you are not receiving vaginal checks, then you should plan on me being there when contractions are every 3-4 minutes lasting a minute long. Keep in mind that I may need up to 2 hours to secure care for my children in order to be at your birth. You can reach me through text, email, facebook, you name it, during labor,but preferably CALL.

I started labor at 2am, what do I do?

I am on call for you 24/7 after your 38th week. PLEASE, do not think it twice to call me and let me know you are in labor. Since I need at least two hours of notice for securing care of my kids.

What if I give birth prematurely?

If your baby has decided to arrive before his/her due date and I am unable to make it to the birth, the money paid will be applied to a Fresh 48 Lifestyle Session/Newborn Session and/or a Mommy and Me Session.

What about scheduled c-sections?

This needs to be discussed with your provider before scheduling the birth story. If providers agree, I am completely available to photograph a c-section. Please be aware than in the case I arrive to the location and I am not permitted to photograph the birth, I will stay with you during pre-op and after the baby being born. Scheduled C-sections are available at a discounted price, please inquire for further details. 

What about an emergency c-section?

In the case of an emergency c-section, and I am not allowed into the Operating Room, I am able to provide my camera to your partner (if allowed) in automatic setting for them to capture that time. Hopefully, we are gifted with a provider that allows me into the operating room.

Do you do anything else, besides birth photography?

I specialize in Motherhood lifestyle sessions. Pregnancy Announcements, Maternity, Fresh 48’s (48 hours withing child being born at the hospital or at home), Newborn Sessions (unposed), Breastfeeding sessions (any time during the period you breastfeed your child), Mommy and Me Sessions, among others.