Value of Prints and Products

I remember when I was growing up my mom had the walls covered with family pictures and there were albums with really old images of the family. As time passes we have been pushed away from this, and I for one, truly missed it. I enjoyed sitting down and looking at the images with my mom, while she explained who everyone was. 

I believe the digital era is still important, but prints and products have a special value. The difference of enjoying your beautiful images in a cell-phone or computer, compared to a Wall Art or an Album which are accessible and tangible is from heaven to earth.

When you PRINT your images, these will be the ones that will be available when the hard drive crashes, the images get deleted or you forget the password to the account that has your images stored.


My Promise

My promise to you is this: I will continue providing digital images for sharing on Social Media, but my ultimate goal is to have your walls and home beautifully decorated with images that portray the love that your family shares and those special times that I have captured. 


Please see below the variety of products that we offer...

heirloom albums

Available in a variety of sizes (8x8-10x10), fully customizable cover with add ons of text.

5x7 Wood boxes with prints

5x7 Wood Box with 5 prints included, with the option to add additional prints. Cover customizable to favorite image.