I visited Puerto Rico (where my heart is) from December 31st until January 11. During this time I had the privilege of doing sessions for a few friends and their families. So be prepared as I'll be bombarding you with sessions in the next couple of weeks. Sharon and I were classmates from Middle School until High School. Now she is living out of our hometown (as am I) and has a beautiful family with two active toddlers. We had decided to do a session at Luis Munoz Marin Park in San Juan, but when I arrived to the park it was closed as it was a Holiday in Puerto Rico. We then decided to go to Central Park in San Juan.

I arrived to the park and scouted the area for possible options. It had some nice paths that were beautiful for the shoot.

We started with a few family shots, but a few minutes later the little guy decided he was going to run off and do his own thing haha. I LOVED IT. He and his older sister made us run this day, 4 adults and they still were more than us haha. Thank God Sharon's sister was there to help.

I had so much fun and the best part was at the end of the shoot when the little guy (1 year old) decided he was going to run down a hill and fell and rolled over. His big sister (2 years old) laughed so hard and didn't even think to help him, IT WAS HILARIOUS!

Hope you enjoy!